Killing Kasztner

Saturday, July 20 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 
Killing Kasztner

 The story of Israel Kasztner, a Hungarian Jew who negotiated with Adolf Eichmann for the lives of thousands during the Holocaust. And a trial and verdict that stamped him as the “man who sold his soul to the devil

 KILLING KASZNTER; is actually a fascinating documentary about a guy that I knew nothing about who was apparently a Jew in Hungary who made a deal with the Nazis to transport 1,600 Jews out of Hungary in exchange for war materials. Some view him as a hero, some view him as a collaborator. He was actually assassinated in Israel by a Jew in the 50s. This is a story of his family and the attempt to clarify. It’s a fascinating story, but unfortunately the documentary raises more questions than it answers. It would have been helpful to see Kasztner through somebody other than his family members’ eyes, who could say that he was a good guy or not such a good guy, looking at this bank account, looking at who he was before this, looking at his lifestyle. We learn nothing about his wife. All we have is his daughter who was five-years-old when he was murdered who says dad was a hero. Well, like duh. And his granddaughters who of course knew nothing about it and fought for his redemption and the clearing of his name. It’s a really fascinating story, but the documentary does nothing to clarify the situation. The voice over is one of the most irritating you’ve ever heard, it’s whiney. So, for the story four stars, for the documentary itself probably two stars, so we’ll give it three stars.

Joy Meter