Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 



The director takes us on a hilarious tour from Dubai to Beirut, Riyadh to New York with a gaggle of other stand-up talent. Along the way, taboos of culture and geopolitics are exploded, and a younger generation of both comedy talents and audiences is born.


Just Like Us has got the terrific Ahmed Ahmed, who’s a comedian that has been in other things.  I’ve seen him before.  But this is his world tour where he decides he’s going to go all over the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, including Beirut, Cairo, and doing a show with local talent, local comedy show.  In some of the places that he goes, it’s not really allowed to have public celebrations or public meetings, let alone comedy.  This is really fun.  It’s fun to see.  He does a great job — because he was the director as well — of sort of documenting the land and the country.  It’s really a pleasure to watch.  He’s been in — Don’t Mess with Zohan.  Vince Vaughn’s  Wild West Comedy Show is where I saw him before.  But this is really fun, not only to see the cultural face of comedy and to see sort of the gift of comedian, but to see a world that seems very strange to us that’s maybe not so strange.  Four stars.