Julie and Julia

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Julie and Julia
Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia – Movie Review


The movie also follows Julia and Paul Child through Julia Child’s memoir, MY LIFE IN FRANCE, which she wrote with her grand nephew Alex Prud’homme.

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“Julie and Julia” is a romp of a movie. It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be with Meryl Streep reuniting with Amy Adams from Doubt–much happier in this one for both of them. This is a story, as I’m sure you know, of a young woman whose life is in free fall, decides to grab hold by taking a year and blogging on making every one of Julia Child’s recipes, and what we find out in flashback is how Julia Child essentially became Julia Child. The movie works not only because Meryl Streep is terrific, as is Amy Adams, but Stanley Tucci as Julia’s husband, and Chris Messina as Julie’s impossibly supportive, long suffering husband, really anchor the movie as well. It’s just plain fun, terrific, funny, touching, and it puts a little bit embellished in terms of who Julia Childs was, well, who am I to complain? Bon Appetite, four stars.