Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Julia – Movie Review


A man and his family are eliminated by the mob after informing to the FBI. The youngest member of the family, a six-year-old kid, escapes with the help of a neighbor named Julia, who is the former girlfriend of one of the gangsters that executed his parents.


“Julia, is somewhat of a conundrum: Tilda Swinton plays Julia, the title character; we’re used to seeing Tilda as the great snow queen or Orlando or the evil lawyer in Michael Clayton..but she plays Julia, the slut, a woman who has a drinking problem, has a problem with the truth, has a great body and sleeps around. She’s a slut with a capital S or maybe in this particular case a small S. If you love Tilda, it’s worth watching this movie, because it’s a great performance. It’s a convoluted plot in that she goes to AA and meets accidentally one of her neighbors who suggests that the neighbor’s son has been kidnapped by her ex-husband’s grandfather and is completely distorted his view of his mother and so Tilda, because there’s money involved, decides to help kidnap him. The plot goes wildly awry. There is a great deal of violence in this movie, some completely improbable kinds of happenings and then we’re in Mexico with another kidnapping occurring. Again, the reason to watch this movie is Tilda, who is wonderful in a very unusual role, but the movie itself is a bit preposterous