Irena’s Vow

Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Irena's Vow

Irena's Vow

Irena’s Vow – Theater Review


A little-known story of heroism is transformed into theatrical hokum in Dan Gordon’s efficiently manipulative drama.


Tovah Feldshuh plays Irena, a young Polish woman who goes to work for the highest rank in command, in Poland, while sequestering a dozen Jews, and actually protects the life of a newborn baby. I saw this downtown at Baruch Center, and I actually think it works better in a smaller, more intimate space. Broadway is big. They’ve upgraded the production a bit. The stage is larger, they have scenery projected on the back wall, which I don’t think necessarily adds anything. I think this is an intimate story that needs to be intimately told. On the other hand, the story is quite touching, and the fact that her daughter comes on stage every night and talks about her mother, certainly adds another dimension. I gave this four stars when it’s downtown, but I think upgraded to a larger theater has diminished the impact a bit, so it’s three stars, worth seeing.