In The Heights

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
In The Heights

In The Heights

In The Heights – Theater Review


In the Heights, the hip-hop and salsa-infused Off-Broadway musical about denizens of the uptown Manhattan ‘hood of Washington Heights.


“In the Heights” is one of those plays that you just love to love. It’s a musical by Lin- Manuel Miranda. He wrote the lyrics. He wrote the music. He came up with the whole idea, and he stars in the thing as well. It won best musical in 2008. Musicals are forever changed by this work: infectious, ethnic, exuberant, this generation’s West Side Story. The cast is uniformly exuberant. The set is grungy but alive, and the audience just loves it. There are really no memorable songs in it. You’re not going to go out singing Maria like you do in West Side Story, but you’ll have a sense of hopefulness, exuberance, and just plain fun. Four stars.