Imagine That

Wednesday, July 17 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 
Imagine That
Imagine That

Imagine That – Movie Review


Is Murphy’s real-world profession in the same state as his character’s here? Maybe it’s time to make like Adam Sandler and head back out on the stand-up circuit in order to revitalize your career. Either that, or pull a Johnny Gill and disappear from the industry completely.


“Imagine That” is a movie that I really didn’t want to like particularly. Eddie Murphy can be a little overbearing. But in spite of myself, I really liked this Nickelodeon movie family comedy. Olivia is a 7 year old daughter who is played by a young, beautiful actress whose name is Yara Shahidi, and she has imaginary friends. Maybe one of the reasons I was sympathetic is my sister had imaginary friends that actually turned out to be a real woman, more about that later. But at any rate, Eddie is a hard driving investment guy who’s being dogged by a hilarious Thomas Hayden Church who plays Johnny Whitefeather who talks gobbledygook but convinces everybody that he has an insight into the future. It turns out that for some reasons Eddie’s daughter actually does have some insight and on this, the entire plot hinges. Eddie is adorable with Olivia, with Yara. The rest of the movie he does a lot of mugging and it’s quite noisy. Thomas Hayden Church really does steal the movie out from everybody. It’s a thin kind of plot, but it’s fun to watch Eddie be charming with a little girl. I’d give it three stars.