Miral Kotb + iLuminate
Sunday, June 16 th, 2019 at 00:06 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):
Miral Kotb

iLuminate is more like a theatrical experience than a play, I be honest with you, I took my niece and her husband and their year and half old child, even though I was skeptical about taking the child to the theater, because “moderately priced” for Broadway is $50, and I thought, “I’m just not willing to ruin this experience for anyone, even though I have the world’s cutest nephew, the kid was enchanted, and I felt better when I realized there were an awful lot of kids there. This is 50 minutes of dancing and sort of neon sights. For those of you in the know, you know this came from winning a contest on television, but it is charming, its a little bit of hip-hop, its a little bit of ballet, its a little bit of everything. I think the grown-ups will try to figure out the mechanics of it. Also I will confide that my niece’s husband is a bit of a computer geek, so he was enchanted. Bottom line, this is something for all ages, it kind of like being inside a big video game, its kind of “Tron” with music. So, its fun, its certainly short enough, the dancing is terrific, the graphics are amazing, you will be trying to figure out how they do it, and it will enchant everyone from 18 months on up, how many thing can you say that about? I’m giving it 3 stars.