I Never Sang For My Father

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
I Never Sang For My Father

I Never Sang For My Father

I Never Sang For My Father – Movie Review


Gene Garrison is a grown man with a successful career, but when his parents arrive for a visit, he finds himself in the awkward position of feeling like a child again. When tragedy strikes, Gene is forced to examine his responsibility to himself and his family in new ways.


I Never Sang For My Father is Robert Anderson’s look at a troubled relationship between a father and son that is held together by the mom. Most people are aware of it mostly for the movie with Melvin Douglas and Gene Hackman. This stars Keir Dullea from David and Lisa’s as well as 2001. Marsha Mason, Marsha plays the mother. Keir Dullea plays the father. Matt Servitto with whom I was not familiar, plays the son. He was on the Soprano’s, as FBI agent, Dwight Harris. He was also on Brotherhood. He is a very good actor. This is a very minimal set. I actually liked this. I thought this was good theatre. I thought it was well acted. I thought the second act was significantly better than the first. On the other hand, I see plays so early that it is hard to really be completely fair, because I think that early on, that is harder to remember the lines, the cast has a little bit more difficulty, it is certainly fresher but it may be a little less smooth, but I liked this; how can you argue with Robert Anderson. I thought the cast was good. I thought the subject matter, especially those with difficult fathers, hint hint, could really get something from it. I will give it three and half, oh I will be gracious, I’ll give it four stars.