I Bring What I Love

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
I Bring What I Love
I Bring What I Love

I Bring What I Love – Movie Review


“I Bring What I Love” is an uplifting, music-driven journey into the power of one man’s voice to inspire global change.


“I Bring What I Love” is a documentary about — yeah, you guessed it — Youssou N’Dour, who had been described as the voice of Africa as well as being the best selling and most influential African pop artist. He’s won a Grammy which you will actually see in the documentary. But the reason the documentary was made is that he decided that he was going to fashion himself as a singer in the ’60s, who really united Africa in one voice, because as you may be aware Africa is a tribal system that does not unite very well. So the idea being that he decided to use his voice, literally and figuratively, to sing about Africa and about his religion. He’s a Muslim. And got into some serious trouble in the country about it, where they banned his music; but the idea is he put out an album called Egypt and he actually held on to it for several years after September 11 because he was afraid that it would be misinterpreted as supporting terrorism. But he’s part of the Islamic Sufi order and decided that he really wanted to unite Africa. This is a documentary, as far as I’m concerned, I really didn’t know much about him or much about his music. The photography is magnificent and the faces of Africans are fabulous. As a documentary about one man, I felt it failed to interest me, but the faces and the photography are magnificent. Two stars