Wednesday, March 20 th, 2019 at 00:03 am 

Humpday – Movie Review


When Andrew unexpectedly shows up on Ben’s doorstep late one night, the two old college friends immediately fall into their old dynamic of heterosexual one-upmanship. To save Ben from domestication, Andrew invites Ben to a party at a sex-positive commune. Everyone there plans on making erotic art films for the local amateur porn festival and Andrew wants in. They run out of booze and ideas, save for one: Andrew should have sex with Ben, on camera. It’s not gay; it’s beyond gay. It’s not porn; it’s an art project. The next day, they find themselves unable to back down from the dare. And there’s nothing standing in their way – except Ben’s wife Anna, heterosexuality, and certain mechanical questions.

Pick of the Week!


“Humpday” is a raucous, tacky, hilarious, well-written, ultimately satisfying tale of two people who have been friends for a long time. One is happily married, the other one shows up in the middle of the night as an overage hippy who needs a place to crash. Through extenuating circumstances that are too complicated to talk about, they end up deciding that they should do a porn film about two straight guys having sex with each other. I know it sounds grim but this is a really smart, funny, intuitive, just very good movie. Five stars.