How To Seduce Difficult Women

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
How To Seduce Difficult Women
How To Seduce Difficult Women

How To Seduce Difficult Women – Movie Review


Before the Game before players, pimps, and pickup artists, where was the art of seduction truly born? How to seduce Difficult Women is about bringing American men back full circle to the roots of seduction, forged tirelessly throughout the centuries in France. Throughout the film, we get to witness a motley crew of clueless hopefuls get spoon fed the wit and wisdom that it takes to seduce difficult women, led by their womanizing French teacher, Philippe. Through Philippes seduction course and How-To-manual, he drops the skills to help this eclectic group of guys to find out how to capture the woman or rather mate of their dreams. However throughout this school, we get to see if the master womanizer himself has the ability to keep his game tight or if he is the one that really needs schooling. Along the way we also get a taste of real-life NYC street interviews on romance, sex and seduction to see how it all stacks up in real life.


HOW TO SEDUCE DIFFICULT WOMEN is a very good idea for a movie, although it’s been done before, called Hutch with Will Smith and Kevin James, about a very sophisticated, sexy Frenchman who writes a book How to Seduce Difficult Women and has seminars. If they just sort of use that model of here’s each of the guys in the seminar and how he does with women, it probably would have worked as maybe a low rent Hutch. What they try and do is a whole bunch of things that don’t make any sense. One is that we focus partially on the author and the runner of the seminar who is a philanderer. We don’t know enough about the men in the seminar to really like them or dislike them, and the whole title is somewhat of a lie. It’s interspersed with men on the street interviews and there is one man that keeps appearing in different hairdos and it is the same guy over and over again. I presume he is supposed to be disguised by his baseball cap, both forward and backward and facial hair and yada ya da. But the point is we really don’t care about the men on the street, and to a certain extent we don’t care about the author because he is clearly having an affair and he’s not a very nice man. But he’s trying to coach his students, all of whom are losers in one way or the other, about how to seduce difficult women. But the emphasis is certainly number one on the seduction even though all these guys are really looking for a relationship, and number two none of the women are difficult. All the women that in fact the guys hook up with are easy; physically, emotionally, and sexually. So it’s a great idea but just doesn’t work out very well at all. Great potential and the problem may be that the director, the producer, and the writer were all the same person. You really need someone else with a different eye that says take this out. Because it really has some potential but it got messed up. Two stars.