Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 

The Easter Bunny from Easter Island



E.B., the Easter Bunny’s teenage son, heads to Hollywood, determined to become a drummer in a rock ‘n’ roll band. In LA, he’s taken in by Fred after the out-of-work slacker hits E.B. with his car.


Hop is one of the things that I went into kind of gritting my teeth, thinking one more silly animated thing. This one is actually kind of cute. James Marsden plays a little boy who sees the Easter Bunny as a kid and 20 years later is being hassled by his parents, Elizabeth Perkins and Gary Cole to finally get a job, and he runs into EB, Easter Bunny, who has escaped from Easter Island, get it, because he wants to be a drummer, he doesn’t want the responsibility of being the Easter Bunny, and hilarity ensues absolutely encouraged by the voice talent of Russel Brand who is having a great season with this and Arthur.  Hugh Lurie also seems to be having a ball as dad, the current Easter Bunny. This was actually a fairly clever movie. I thought it was fun, the kids loved it, and this isn’t going to win any Oscars, of course not, but it is just irreverent enough and just silly enough and just fun enough, and it’s very well done. Much better job than Yogi Bear in 3-D. This one didn’t need 3-D, doesn’t have 3-D, the animation is great and I thought it was really fun, I would give it three and a half stars. What a surprise.