Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 


A college kid comes of age one summer amidst family conflict unleashed by the eventual passing of its patriarch.


Harvest is one of those films about family reconciling over the coming death of the patriarch, and the patriarch in this particular situation is Robert Loggia, who’s a terrific actor and brings all his characteristic bluster and energy and life force to the role of the dying father. We have three generations, two brothers who don’t get a long with each. A cast of people, who’s faces and/or names you may recognize. This is just a relatively prosaic plot which we’ve just seen often before so that it  loses some of it’s energy, but it is a good cast and Robert Loggia is dynamic. It’s just we’ve seen it so often before that I’m not sure that we’re going to care very much about this. I give it two and a half stars.

Joy Meter