Happy Go Lucky

Tuesday, June 25 th, 2019 at 00:06 am 
Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky – DVD Review


Sally Hawkins and Eddie Marsan star in director Mike Leigh’s seriocomedy concerning an eternally optimistic teacher living and working in North London.


“Happy Go Lucky” is a delight of a film with a lead character, Poppy (Sally Hawkins), that will make you smile. I am probably prejudice in my escort to the movie, when a friend said, “that’s about you, a woman who is unfailingly chirpy and polite, not stupid, just cheerful and polite”. The British version of the Oscars agreed and gave the best actress award to Hawkins. Wonderful performances make you smile, you can even watch it with your kids except for some of the language, five stars.

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