Happy Ever Afters

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Happy Ever Afters- Movie Review


Sometimes the happiest day of all can be the most heartbreaking. Freddie and Maura are getting married, only not to each other. While Freddie is entering his second marriage with the neurotic Sophie, Maura’s motives for marrying Wilson are more for money than love. Then, when the two wedding parties end up at the same reception venue, the house of cards looks set to collapse on the newly weds, guests and all.


Happy Ever Afters has got the adorable Sally Hawkins in it, who was in Happy Go Lucky for which she actually won a Golden Globe and she may even have won an Oscar nomination. She plays the same character, so the happy-go-lucky person in this one. The opening scene shows a guy who is rather hapless to the extent that he bangs into his nose and bleeds all over his shirt on his wedding day. And she plays a woman who keeps throwing these horrible dresses on for her wedding day. We assume that they’re going together. And what we find out is that they’re both marrying other people. He’s marrying kind of a stuck-up blonde, former wife that he was married to before. And is going to try it the second time. And she’s marrying a guy so he can get his papers. She has an adorable, sort of the kind of kid that only occurs in movies, that she’s much older than their years. And the movie is adorable. It’s not nearly as fresh as Happy Go Lucky. But it is a cute movie and she is an appealing character. But it’s not as good as the original. Even though Sally Hawkins is adorable and apparently going to be in another movie this year that’s going to do very well. So, on the basis of her charm, and actually it’s not an uncharming movie, I’ll give it three stars.