Happy Birthday

Scott Alan Evans + Happy Birthday
Tuesday, June 25 th, 2019 at 00:06 am 
Director (s):
Scott Alan Evans
Mary Bacon, Todd Gearhart, Nora Chester, Darrie Lawrence , Victoria Mack , Ron McClary , James Prendergast, Margot White
Comedy I Think

Happy Birthday is on 42nd street and has a huge cast of 15 people. It’s set in 1946 and I’m trying to think if it would have been better if it was set in 2013;it basically would have more or less worked. It seems shockingly modern in terms of a guy who is trying to get a quicky divorce from a corrupt judge because his girlfriend is pregnant, a mom who’s son deals with his girlfriend coming home from the war before he deals with her, a mousy librarian with a drunken father who seems to have a crush on her banker, and a sleezy woman who’s two-timing two men; what’s not 2013 about that? Setting it in 1946 in a bar with a jukebox, even the set could have been the same; though I would have updated the hairstyles and the dress because they are a bit distracting. It does take a little while to get started, but it’s juicy characters, a juicy plot, the acting is fine, and you’ll basically have a good time at it if you like watching the ugly duckling turn into a drunken swan. I took as my guest a banker, and since the hero of the whole thing is a banker, he was beyond thrilled. So the play I give three stars, and because I took exactly the right person with me, I’ll give myself half a star which I’ll share with the play; so three and a half stars.

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