Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 


Hamlet – Theater Review


William Shakespeare’s iconic revenge tragedy finds Prince Hamlet consumed with grief and determined to avenge his father’s apparent murder, with devastating consequences for his family and the kingdom.

Pick of the Week!


Jude Law in Hamlet shouldn’t be missed. It’s over three hours. Okay, I know. Exhausting. The sets are very spare, but beautiful. The lighting is fabulous. The costuming, a friend of mine was upset by. I thought it was terrific. I thought it was just very minimal, but gave you the sense of who was what. A king and a queen should not look like the commoners. The performances, with the exception of Ophelia are uniformly terrific. Jude is is absolutely charismatic and completely controls the stage. He makes Shakespeare very accessible; its easy to forget in most productions that Hamlet was a relatively young man and Jude makes you feel every bit of Hamlet’s youth, every bit of his virility, every bit of his physicality. This is a production that shouldn’t be missed. Five stars. The fact that Matt Damon was there the night I was there had no influence on my review.