Sunday, May 19 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 


Hair – Theater Review


Two young actors, Gerome Ragni and James Rado, who had become very close friends, were inspired to create a musical for the New York stage. HAIR was conceived and brought to its initial incarnation by them over a three-year period, 1964 – 1967.

Pick of the Week!


In a season where there are huge number of marquee names in plays, including musicals and comedies, and straight drama, I think one of the unadulterated hits of the season is going to be a rock musical, in which there are no known names, but 26 talented singers and dancers and a great band. It’s “Hair”. It’s 41 years old. Some of it looks a little older than that. The whole issue about men having long hair has long since been removed, and dissipated. On the other hand, the story of young people going off to war and hating it, using recreational drugs, along with great music, makes it seem very fresh and very timely. And if nothing else, it’s great fun. A great cast with athletic bodies. They’ve added thirteen songs, which probably shouldn’t have been added – it just makes it long, and they’re not nearly as good as the original. The cast going into the audience adds a vibrancy that the original didn’t have. Four stars for Hair – four hairy stars.