Saturday, July 20 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 

I know, you’re thinking ‘gee it was just here.’  Well you are right. It opened in 2009, and closed almost a year ago, but it’s back only for the summer and it’s got a great cast. There are 33 people listed in the cast plus the orchestra. The orchestra is on stage for this one, sitting in a tow truck basically, and so it sort of coalesces everything on a Broadway stage so it seems intimate. And this is a group that finds it’s way to the audience.  The songs are ones we all know, Aquarius, Manchester England, Good Morning Starshine, Black Boys, etc.  You can see why this was so controversial at the time, and probably still is somewhat controversial today. The cast is led by Steel Burkhardt who is really terrific as Berger . And the rest of the cast is all uniformly good and yeah they do take their clothes off, and yeah everybody loved it, four stars.