Guest of Cindy Sherman

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Guest of Cindy Sherman

Guest of Cindy Sherman

Guest of Cindy Sherman – Movie Review


Videographer Paul H-O must confront issues of ego and identity when he begins a relationship with the reclusive Cindy Sherman. With unprecedented access, the documentary places us in the company of the artist and offers a critique of the ever-inflated New York art market and the culture of celebrity.


Guest of Cindy Sherman is fun to watch if you basically know who Cindy Sherman is, I didn’t. She is part of the downtown art scene. Admittedly I’d heard her name but couldn’t have cared very much about her life. If you care a lot about her life or the downtown art scene this is probably something that may be a little bit of fun for you to watch especially if you ever watched Art Beat which I didn’t. But this is a little bit far out in terms of a documentary but you have to really love Cindy Sherman or at least know who she is.