Gareth Edwards + Godzilla
Friday, March 22 nd, 2019 at 00:03 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):
Gareth Edwards
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston

Godzilla, this one again, is too long, I don’t know why they take cartoon type movies and make them a half an hour too long, I think I will start reviewing movies by the number of times I look at my watch…This one has an international cast, some of which are eclipsed very quickly, the body count in this one is higher than most war movies, and we needed more Godzilla in this one. But having said that, you cannot take any body under the age of 10, and maybe not even that young, 15 year old boys are gonna love this because the body count is so high. But since 9-11, the idea of destroying American cities seems a little less fantastical and a little scarier, but at least this has monsters going for it, 3 stars.