Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Gerrymandering – Movie Review


Takes a hard look at the framework of our democracy and how it provides our politicians a perfectly legal way to control electoral outcomes.


Gerrymandering which should be pronounced gary like indiania mandaring because the word was named for one of the original governors of Massachusetts who carved up the district to make sure he would win, and it’s an ongoing process where incumbents can redistrict their district to make sure that they win, either by including people who will vote for them or excluding people who won’t. And this documentary looks at the scandal. The problem is, that even though they give a clear idea of what the problem is, they don’t give a clear idea of what the solution is. And even when they sort of opt for solutions, there are multiple solutions, which means it’s not a terribly satisfying documentary in terms of here’s a problem, here’s a solution, here’s what you should do; which we’ve come to expect from documentaries. It will get you all fired up as to why this is a major problem, it just doesn’t tell you how to solve the problem. So for firing up I would give it four. For no solutions, I mean that’s a problem, so I’ll give it two and half stars even though I really did like the movie and I thought it was well done. I think if you’re going to have a documentary, you need to have something a little bit clearer because, and this isn’t a term paper for your poli-sci classes but it’s supposed to be a movie that people are going to pay real money to go see. And I did like it, I just wish it had been clearer about, well here’s the best solution, it’s not a perfect solution but I’m a little concerned that it was not quite as punchy as it could have been. So two and a half movies.