Funny People

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Funny People
Funny People

Funny People – Movie Review


When seasoned comedian George Simmons learns of his terminal, inoperable health condition, his desire to form a genuine friendship causes him to take a relatively green performer under his wing as his opening act.


“Funny People” is the latest Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen movie. Now, if that means you think it’s going to be like “Knocked Up”, you’d be wrong. If you think it’s going to be like a usual Adam Sandler movie, you’d be wrong about that too. This is a movie that is really two separate movies. The story is that Adam Sandler is a very successful comedian who finds out that he has a life threatening disease, and decides that he needs Seth Rogen, who in fact was funnier when he was heavier, to kind of follow him around and be his assistant and make sure that he’s not alone. This is a man who has no success at human relationships-huge success with women, but no ability to form real relationships. Leslie Mann plays the woman that got away. Eric Bana plays her husband who is really wonderful. Jonathan Schwartzman, from “Rushmore”, plays one of the dudes that is a perspiring, I know it’s supposed to be aspiring, a comedy writer, who actually has his own series. The problem is that the two amalgamations of a really sad story and a really happy story don’t work terribly well and the funny people aren’t really very funny. On the other hand, and it’s 2 hours and 25 minutes long, which is at least 25 minutes too long for this kind of movie. I didn’t hate it. I think it’s at least an attempt to grow the characters in the story and Judd Apatow to get a little bit out of the crude realm and into something a little bit more meaningful. The problem is, I think that Judd Apatow’s fans are going to find it not crude enough, and Adam Sandler’s are going to find it much too sad, and everybody else is going to find it much too long. So two stars.