Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Fuel Unveils a curtain of deception covering America’s dependence on foreign oil as it explores one possible solution to the coming energy crisis. Made from vegetable oil, ‘biodiesel’ fuel is an economically sustainable, environmentally sound alternative already widely used in Europe. It has the potential to reduce dangerous green house gases, boost America’s sagging economy, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

Fuel is a documentary that will make you just as upset as most documentaries, but the good news about it is that it actually has some solutions to the problem of what we do. Documentaries these days are meant to be Prozac moments, convincing you to rip your face off because they’re telling you something that is disastrous and overwhelming, but in this particular case they actually have a solution. The documentary itself is not as flamboyant or as well produced as many, but I give it credit for at least having a solution. Three stars.

Joy Meter