Formosa Betrayed

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Formosa Betrayed


In the early 1980s, an FBI Agent is assigned to investigate the murder of a respected professor. Through his investigation, he unearths a spider web of international secrets that has been thriving within college campuses across America for decades.

FORMOSA BETRAYED is actually a very interesting story that’s very badly directed. It’s a murder mystery with a Taiwanese professor of economics is murdered in the United States. And, James Van der Beek as a FBI agent investigating the murder, I don’t know why he took this particular job — John Heard is his partner. James goes to Taiwan, the modern name for Formosa which means beautiful island, and seeing the political machinations. It says it’s based on real events, and I believe it, and it’s a fascinating story, and somehow, it’s just so badly directed that you don’t care about it. Somewhere in this movie is a really good — not only a really good story but probably a really good movie — it’s just not this movie. Two stars.

Joy Meter