Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Farewell – Movie Review


The French intelligence service alerts the U.S. about a Soviet spy operation during the height of the Cold War, which sets off an unfortunate chain of events.


Farewell is a terrific movie that is based on a historical event about an ordinary guy who got in the middle of the biggest theft of Soviet information during the Cold war. A lot of people feel that that this particular event is what caused the eventual downfall of the Soviet empire. Ronald Reagan called this story one of the most important espionage cases of the 20th century. It is directed by the same guy who did ‘Joyeux Noel’, which is a terrific movie that was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film. ‘Farewell’ has a great cast including a Guillaume Canet who is actually a director and did ‘Tell No One’, which was a wonderful movie. It also has Emir Kusturica who won the Palme D’or at Cannes and the Golden Bear for best actor. He is a wonderfully nuanced actor who plays a KGB officer who is unhappy about what is happening in the Soviet Union under Brehsnev. It is really a wonderful movie. Okay, yeah, yeah. It is in French. It runs just under two hours and it is a five star movie. Go see it.