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Set in 1974 Texas, three teen siblings struggle with the death of their father and try to live with their abusive mother. When one of the teens is sent away because the mother can’t cope with his autism, the teens embark on a life changing road trip to freedom.


Exodus Fall is a perfectly innocuous little movie with three kids and one hunk and Rosanna Arquetteplays an unbelievably nasty mom.  I mean it’s over the top, but it’s absolutely ridiculous.  But what makes this movie have a little bit of heart is that one of the brothers is a special needs child and how loving the two other kids are and accepting of him without patronizing him.  And that’s worth seeing the movie; however, it does really seem like an after school special rather than a movie for theatrical release.  I mean there’s nothing really wrong with it, but it sort of seems more well intentioned than artistic.  Having said that, I mean it’s certainly watchable, and as I said, I really like the way that the two kids related to their special needs brother.  But all the adults are really caricatures, and the ending is not particularly satisfying; although, I suppose it’s emotionally — you at least let out your breath.  Two and a half stars.