Even The Rain

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Even The Rain – Movie Review


The story of Christopher Columbus.


Even the Rain is one of the best movies I think I’ve seen, perhaps, ever, but certainly this year. It’s written by a Scotsman, Paul Leverty, who says it’s about resistance and friendship, and it looks at two different events. It’s filmed in Bolivia which is a stand in for Santa Domingo for the landing of Christopher Columbus, and his enslavement of the natives in 1492 or thereabouts, and they cast local people. What happens at the same time is the Bolivian water wars, — it doesn’t take a whole lot of genius to figure out that it’s a parallel situation of exploitation of the natives. It’s a really terrific movie, up until the last 10 minutes, and clearly they didn’t know how to end the movie. But, up until then, it is one of the most extraordinary pieces of film making you’ll see in a long time, in that it’s emotional, it’s historical, it has sweep, it has pageantry, you care enormously about the people. Granted, didn’t know how to end it. But, that’s kind of nitpicking. I’ll give it four and a half stars.