Monday, August 19 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 


Elegy – DVD Review


Driven by Isabel Coixets (My Life Without Me) visually assured and deeply observant direction, ELEGY charts the passionate relationship between a celebrated New York college professor, David Kepesh (Kingsley) and a young Cuban-born woman, Consuela Castillo (Cruz) whose beauty both ravishes and destablises him. As their intimate connection transforms them more than either could imagine a charged sexual contest evolves into an indelible love story. With humanistic warmth, wry wit and erotic intensity ELEGY explores the power of beauty to blind, to reveal and transform.

Pick of the Week!


“Elegy”, as the title suggests, is elegant. It stars Ben Kingsly and Penelope Cruz. Penelope Cruz has never looked more beautiful or sexy, and Ben Kingsly has not been as sexy since Sexy Beast, where he was profane, as well as sexy. In this one, he is a college professor that has a crush on a younger student, and what happens in their relationship is about, of course, love, death, sex, and the difference that age makes. Having said that, the performances are wonderful. It is kind of sad, to be quite honest, but very thought provoking. I would give it four stars.

Joy Meter