District 9

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
District 9
District 9

District 9 – Movie Review


The plot of this film has been shrouded in secrecy for quite some time, but at last certain details are coming to light. An alien race has come to earth on a one-way ticket, becoming stranded in Africa. Now seen as yet another mistrusted minority, the “non-humans” live in a dangerous ghetto and labor for little to no pay. But when a human encounters some strange non-human technology that begins to affect him in disturbing ways, his perspective on the situation changes drastically.


“DISTRICT 9” is the latest from Peter Jackson. Actually, he was the executive producer. He didn’t direct this, and to a certain extent, you can see how he has perfected some of the intricacies of “Lord of the Rings”, with fantastic monsters, although in many ways, it’s years and eons away from it. What it is is a story that is set in Johannesburg, a vehicle from outer space that hovers over the city and finally the government decides to break in and they find aliens in a malnourished state, so in the beginning they decide to move them down as a humanitarian effort into district 9 and then after 20 years, what they decide is that they are draining the resources, so if you’re saying that this is a metaphor for one group of people dominating another, I think you would be right on the money. The aliens look like well they sort of do look like prawns, and so they call them prawns as a pejorative term, but then everybody uses the term and a well meaning bureaucrat is put in charge of the relocation effort to move them outside of Johannesburg, and one of the interesting things about this movie is watching what a bad hairdo does for making an action hero look like a dork and not like an action hero, but I don’t want to spoil too much of it, because it really is the there are two different aspects: a metaphorical level for how aggressively capitalistic a society can be and no matter who is at the bottom, they could always find someone to beat on. It also works as an action flick with some genuinely exciting sequences, so I just think it really is one of the movies which is something everybody should see. Four big old stars.