Devil Boys From Beyond

Sunday, April 21 st, 2019 at 00:04 am 


With rumors of missing people and giant spaceships running rampant in the swamps of Lizard Lick, Florida, star NYC reporter Mattie Van Buren races down in search of her next Pulitzer, her booze-hound ex-husband, Gregory Graham in tow, and her arch-enemy, Lucinda Marsh hot on her heels to scoop her story.


The title tells you everything you needed to know. It’s a silly farce taking on overwrought movies from the ’40s; if this is your style, you’re going to love this. There are a couple of really good bodies, some serious cross-dressing and it’s done relatively well. But, I mean, it depends on whether or not you like silly fun. If you do, this is your cup of tea, if not it is not. So, I don’t know exactly how to rate it. I’d probably give it two stars. But, it’s the New World Stages, which has got a lot of experimental stuff, and has got lots of wacky, kind of fun stuff. So, if that’s your cup of tea, off you go. If not, no worries.