Death Takes a Holiday

Monday, August 19 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

This is a musical based on a play set just after World War One with a mad cap heiress who’s going from a cocktail party in Venice back to the family villa and her boyfriend is a little drunk, a little reckless and she’s thrown from the car.  Death, yeah Death with a capital D who in this particular case is a hunky guy, decides to spare her and decides that she has such a life force that he falls desperately in love with her and has to be with her. So he shows up at the family villa to spend the weekend masquerading as a Russian count, and the only person who knows his real identity is her father. Of course, the two of them fall madly in love and he proclaims he’s leaving with her but the father says he can’t. This is a musical directed by Doug Hughes, the ultimate romantic director, but this could have been sped up a little bit. The music and the lyrics are by Maury Yetson, who is much better at music than he is at lyrics as far as I’m concerned. I think the lyrics are quite prosaic and there’s probably nothing to go home singing. The men in the cast are much better than the women in terms of both voice and acting, but the costumes are to die for. Somehow, it didn’t quite work for me. And maybe it’s the idea of death — there’s sort of a pall over the whole thing. It’s enjoyable enough. I give it three stars.