Death of a Salesman

Wednesday, March 20 th, 2019 at 00:03 am 

Death of a Salesman is one of Arthur Miller’s master works. This one stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Linda Emond, and Andrew Garfield.  I’ve seen this play a number of times, and I must say, I can remember reading it in junior high school and being offended by it. I thought it was incredibly manipulative. I’ve seen it with Dustin Hoffman and with Brian Dennehy, but I think that Philip Seymour Hoffman is probably one of the youngest of the Willy Lomans. This one is directed by Mike Nichols, and I don’t know whether I’ve gotten older, but I thought this one was the least manipulative of the ones I’ve seen. It’s very long; it’s almost three hours. But the real revelation of this is we all expect Philip Seymour Hoffman to be great, but Andrew Garfield as Biff is terrific and made me understand this play in a completely different way. The audience loved it, and it’s only here for a limited release. It’s really a terrific play, and Arthur Miller, please accept my apologies. I gave it four stars.