Death In Love

Thursday, August 22 nd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Death In Love
Death In Love

Death In Love – Movie Review


During World War II, a Jewish woman (Bisset) saves her life thanks to a love affair with a doctor in charge of human experiments in a Nazi concentration camp. The woman then marries and moves to New York, where she raises two emotionally stunted sons. The eldest son (Lucas) battles his sense of disconnection from life while working at a scam modeling agency, where he befriends a charming young co-worker (Brody) who begins to restore in him a sense of excitement and purpose. The neurotic younger son (Haas) is locked in a compulsive, co-dependent relationship with his mother.


“Death In Love” is being billed as a strong personal statement by Boaz Yakin that he confronts an Odyssey probing the psychology of an individual in a family caught in self-destruction. It does have the feeling of something autobiographical. The performances are terrific. They’ve got Jacqueline Bisset in it, and Josh Lucas as you’ve never seen him before, and Lukas Haas. The idea is that a mother has a rather lurid past and how it affects the two brothers. This is very well-acted. It clearly needed some editing to make it a stronger film. It’s hard to argue with personal statements because a personal statement is allowed to be personal. Adam Brody is also in it. And, how people respond to the chaos of their lives. The idea being that love and death, as Freud talked about, are not very different. I’d give this, for the acting I would certainly give it a four. For entertainment, a two, because it’s not much fun to watch, but seeing Josh Lucas really use his — stretch his acting chops and also Lukas Haas, is fun to watch and it is mesmerizing if not entertaining. So, I’d give it three stars.