Cross That River

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Cross That River

Cross That River

Cross That River – Theater Review


Cross That River depicts the sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous life and times of Blue, a run-away slave who escapes to Texas to become one of America’s first Black Cowboys. The story transports the audience to the unsettled West of the 1860’s through compelling storytelling and infectious music that ranges from country and bluegrass to soul, blues and rock gospel. An entertaining and personal story of hardship and perseverance, Cross That River is ultimately about our single most precious birthright – freedom.

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Cross That River is part of the New York Music Festival which may or may not go onto bigger and better things. It’s an interesting story. It follows the black experience following the Civil War about crossing the river between Louisiana and Texas because that was the difference between slavery and freedom and essentially becoming black cowboys. I also found out for the first time where the term “buffalo soldiers” came from. I knew the term, I knew who it referred to, I just didn’t know why it referred to them, or at least I had a misapprehension or maybe the people in the play did. At any rate, some great voices. Could use a little editing, but if it goes to off Broadway or any place else, someone will take care of it, but what I really want to do here is alert you to the New York Music Festival because it comes around every year. This year, there were 200 entries .The tickets are basically $20 a pop, so it’s very affordable and basically, a little bit more than a movie and it’s kind of a crap shoot because you never know what you’re going to see, but I’ve seen in the last two years, I’ve probably seen eight to 10 of the offerings. The point is that some of them were good, some of them were not so good, but it’s a great experience and every once and awhile, you run into a gem. So five stars for the festival.