Couples Retreat

Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Couples Retreat
Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat – Movie Review


A comedy centered around four couples who settle into a tropical-island resort for a vacation. While one of the couples is there to work on the marriage, the others fail to realize that participation in the resort’s therapy sessions is not optional.


I went into Couples Retreat gritting my teeth, thinking this is going to be another stupid Wedding Crashers movie with Vince Vaughn and it’s going to be stupid and sleazy, and it was neither. It was neither stupid and just enough sleaze to keep you entertained. Vince Vaughn plays kind of a suburban husband with a perfectly viable, but not very exciting marriage. John Favreau plays a guy who’s about to divorce his wife, and Jason Bateman is about to walk away from his wife plus Malin Akerman whose wife has already left him and who is dating a twenty year old salesclerk from Footlocker. They all end up getting conned into going away to essentially paradise, it’s called Eden West, to do what they think is a fabulous vacation to basically get a couple’s rate for the as a favor to Jason who is trying to save his marriage and can’t afford to go unless he gets the couples rate. It turns out that they all have to do the marriage encounter stuff or that they have to leave and they get their money back, but the food is so terrific and the scenery is so fabulous sos they decide to stay and we all learn alot about them and their marriages. This is directed by Peter Billingsley, whom you may remember as the adorable kid. Ralphie from Christmas Story, who is actually John Favreau’s longtime friend and collaborator who has turned into a terrific director. The movie has a fair amount of heart; how couples relate and the difference between a good marriage and a bad marriage and a marriage that is just kind of sitting there, chugging along, not doing very much. I thought psychologically it was astute. In terms of entertainment, it has just enough sleaze to keep you entertained. The wonderful Jean Reno plays the major guru, and I’m not going to tell you how it ends, but you can probably guess, but this is a much better movie than you think it’s going to be. Pay no attention to the posters, just go see the movie. You and your spouse will have something to talk about afterwards. Four stars.