Countdown to Zero

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Countdown to Zero
Countdown to Zero

Countdown to Zero – Movie Review


A documentary about the escalating nuclear arms race.


Countdown to Zero is kind of an old-fashion movie that uses old-fashion images of nuclear war, which we’ve all seen since the ’50s. I remember sort of having to put my head underneath by desk and watching these movies. So for the first hour of the film, you feel like this is deja-vu and what’s the point. What it finally gets to at the end is that the attempt by Reagan and Gorbachov to have a non-proliferation treaty really didn’t work. Since that didn’t work, they’re saying that it’s time, that there’s too much nuclear stuff around, and that terrorists have access to it, and we should do something about it. So, if you can make it through the first chilling hour, which truly is chilling, the film does end up having a point. As entertainment, it leaves a bit to be desired, even though it’s certainly propaganda of the highest form which isn’t meant as an insult, in that it really compels you to its point of view. So, as propaganda I’d probably give it four stars. As a movie, probably two.