Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 


Conviction – Theater Review


In Franco’s 1960s Madrid, a detained Israeli scholar and his interrogator become drawn to the forbidden history on the pages of a stolen Inquisition file.


Conviction is at 59 East 59. It’s a fascinating story that’s set during the Spanish Inquisition, or basically just after the Spanish Inquisition. It starts in the present day with an Israeli scholar having stolen something from the Prado and the director trying to decide whether or not to prosecute him. The problem about this to a certain extent is that the person who wrote it is also the star in it. I think the guy is probably a better actor than he is writer, or the adaptation at least. It’s a fascinating story. There are three characters in it, of which one is terrific and the other two are uneven. But if you’re interested in this time in history, the Spanish Inquisition, apparently this is taken from the novel Confession about a man who is a priest who falls in love with a Jew, and it’s the wrong time and the wrong place. So, for the idea of the plot, I would give it a bunch of stars, the acting very uneven, and for the writing, even more uneven, so I give it two and a half stars.