City Island

Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
City Island
City Island

City Island – Movie Review


A family’s bizarre and layered lies to one another come unraveled


City Island stars Andy Garcia in a completely unglamorous role; he plays a prison guard, or as he’d like to call himself, a correction officer. Juliana Margulies plays his wife. The movie is sort of miscast but sort of interesting. The problem about this movie it’s just too cute.. The idea is that Andy is disconbobulated because as a correction officer he discovers his son that he abandoned 30 some years ago in prison and decides to take him home because he can. At the time his marriage is a mess because he’s taking acting lessons and telling his wife he’s playing poker and she’s suspicious and thinks it’s another woman. Andy meets a fellow spirit or soulmate I suppose when they have to both explain their largest secrets. His younger son likes overweight woman and his daughter who he thinks is at college is a stripper. Everybody has got a secret and everybody is smoking and pretending that they’re not. If there was just one person in this family who was playing it straight the movie would have definitely benefited. As such, I mean they’re good actors and they seem to be having a more or less a good time and the ending is feel good, what a surprise, but this could have really been benefited by a little less cuteness so I gave it two stars.