Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 


Che – Movie Review


Steven Soderbergh’s two part Che Guevara epic, tracks the charismatic revolutionary as he joins Fidel Castro’s band of Cuban exiles and journeys to the island on a leaky boat in 1956.


“Now Che is Benicio Del Toro playing Che Guevara–and this is part one. As I mentioned to you last year when I saw the movie, it is a 5-hour movie and it is in 2 parts. If you are going to see one part see the first part because it is much better than the second part. The first part is Cuba—which was a successful revolution and it is essentially a “how-to” mount a revolution and it is fascinating. I actually liked both parts—and some people are saying it is the best movie of the year, but I think a 5-hour movie is hard to view in that kind of perspective, because it is FIVE HOURS!”