Carmo, Hit the Road

Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 

Carmo, Hit the Road


Marco is a lonely handicapped Spanish smuggler, driving through Brazil to sell out his cheap goods. When two bandits assault him and steal his load, he is miraculously saved by Carmo, a beautiful local girl who would rather die than spend another day in the hellhole where she lives. Carmo and Marco will start a lawless, reckless journey, and an intense romance through a breathtaking South American border landscape


“Carmo, Hit the Road” is the story of an attractive woman trying to go some place and she doesn’t have enough money. There is kind of the handsome stranger that comes into town after a couple of disasters and they hook up and she gets her ticket out. There is some beautiful scenery and some beautiful people, but I thought there were too many elements going on and I got lost somewhere along the way. Interesting attempt, but somebody needed to edit it. If you’re big on scenery and cinematography this just might strike your interest. Three stars.