Burn the Floor

Friday, March 22 nd, 2019 at 00:03 am 
Burn the Floor

Burn the Floor

Burn the Floor – Theater Review


“Burn The Floor” is a new dance show, comprised of then dances, they can all be danced in closed ballroom hold. The style danced in “Burn The Floor” is called “international style” and has been danced in competition since 1920. The dancers have spend a lifetime training to compete agianst other dance couples. This show finaly allows the dancers to demonstrate their love and passion for their art.

Pick of the Week!


“Burn The Floor” is at the Longacre Theatre and let me tell you, it has completely re-defined what dance should be on Broadway. This is a new gold standard for sex, sizzle, sweat, swivel and sequins. Can I get any more S’ in there? It’s just plain terrific. It takes all the Broadway showstoppers and gets rid of all the fluff. It’s just non-stop fun, entertainment, terrific dancing, and terrific costumes. It goes through two different acts; each act has two different sets in it- Inspirations, Things that swing, the Latin Quarter, and Contemporary. A huge cast of about several dozen people. One of the problems about dance shows is when they have singers they’re usually not very good. These are terrific, the band is terrific, I cannot tell you enough to go and see “Burn the Floor”. It’s sizzling; you’ll have a great time. Everybody leaves smiling. Five stars.