Bullets over Broadway

Tuesday, June 25 th, 2019 at 00:06 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):

Bullets over Broadway is the play that takes 2.5 hours to do what Woody Allen did in his play in an hour and a half, and the extra hour does not do well by the material. This one stars Zac Braff in the John Cusack role, and Marin Mazzie as Helen Sinclair. The problem is, that it is uneven, there are some great voices, there are some great talents. Zac Braff in his Broadway debut has got something, but I just think this is so badly directed, you just get a headache. The dance numbers all look the same, but the two gangster numbers work really well, I mean the rest of them, I mean the women are all gorgeous, the costumes are terrific, but we’ve seen the play a gazillion times, and when Woody Allen did it had a certain panache to it, but this one has none, there is nothing subtle about it. For some reason this worked better in Woody Allen’s hands, 2.5 stars