Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 

Brotherhood – Movie Review


Former Danish servicemen Lars and Jimmy are thrown together while training in a neo-Nazi group. Moving from hostility through grudging admiration to friendship and finally passion, events take a darker turn when their illicit relationship in uncovered.


Brotherhood is a Danish film about a group of thugs in Denmark, one of the more liberal countries in Europe. The brotherhood refers to the Aryan brotherhood. The opening scene is a very harsh beating by the brotherhood against a young homosexual who’s seduced by one of the members. Then the movie switches over to the picture perfect Aryan boy who’s just being thrown out of the Army even though his mother is a politician because he’s been accused of homosexual behavior. The problem is that this is territory that has been covered before. It’s well-covered here. The acting is terrific and the guy who plays the lead character is angelically beautiful. He looks like an even better Jude Law. I know, hard to believe. The problem is that we’ve seen all this material before but this one is an affecting movie. The acting is terrific. It’s just that it’s well trodden territory so for that reason, I’ll give it three stars.