Broken Embraces

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Broken Embraces


“Broken Embraces” is a four-way tale of amour-fou, shot in the style of ’50s American film noir at its most hard-boiled, and will mix references to works like Nicholas Ray’s “In a Lonely Place” and Vincente Minnelli’s “The Bad and the Beautiful,” with signature Almodóvar themes such as Fate, the mystery of creation, guilt, unscrupulous power, the eternal search of fathers for sons, and sons for fathers.


BROKEN EMBRACES is the latest film by Pedro Almavodar and it shows much of his genius. He is terrific working with women, he tells stories well. He photographs things well. The problem about this movie, as far as I’m concerned, is: 1. It goes on a little bit too long. 2. I think it’s a little bit too autobiographical in some ways. I’m not suggesting the story is really about Pedro, although it very well may be, but it’s about a filmmaker who only finds his sight when he is blinded. Hello, have we seen this before? Penelope Cruz is beautiful. The photography is beautiful. Unfortunately, the acting is very uneven in this movie. Overall, I give it three stars.

Joy Meter