Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 


Broke-Ology – Theater Review


Broke-ology is the story of the King family who have weathered the hardships of life and survived with their love for each other intact. But when two brothers are called home to take care of their ailing father, one of them must choose to follow the life he dreams of or honor the unspoken promise of loyalty to his family.


Broke-ology, as one of the characters explains, is the study of how to get along with nothing, and to a certain extent, that could be the metaphor or the explanation of the play. The play is not particularly well written, but the cast, especially the two young men who play brothers, Francois Battiste and Alano Miller, are both quite charming, and I suspect will have great careers. Wendel Pierce is familiar as the dad and he is great. Crystal Dickenson doesn’t have much to do except look pretty, which she does. The problem is this play is just relatively trite, and when I say relatively, I am probably being a bit generous. We know exactly what is going to happen from the very beginning, but watching the two brothers interact is really quite charming. So, two stars.