Broadway By the Year (1927)

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Broadway By the Year (1927)

Broadway By the Year (1927)

Broadway By the Year (1927) – Theater Review


Each evening celebrates the songs from Broadway shows of a selected year, sung by a cast of cabaret and Broadway performers.

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Broadway By The Year is beginning its 10th season. And I must be honest with you, Scott Siegel is a friend of mine, and he is the producer, creator, writer and host of these. He is just terrific. And it’s kind of fun because I’ve known him for years and haven’t really gone to his stuff. And now I do, and it’s just, I sort of feel like a proud mummy. But this was Broadway By The Year 1927 and had some truly great songs in it, including all the songs from Showboat. And I think one of the things that they’ve done here is to get some of the more popular more recognizable songs. I’ve gone to some of the programs where there hasn’t been one recognizable song. And in this one there were a bunch that were not only recognizable but sort of old favorites. And I think it really improves the quality of the evening. And this one was just terrific. Go to to see upcoming ones, including — there’s one on I think the 22nd of March, which is 1928, and then in June there’s one that has the year 1990 to 2010. But they had Down Swell , My Heart Stood Still. It was wonderful. “He Loves, She Loves”, “The Best Things In Life Are Free”, and from Showboat: “Old Man River”, “Make Believe”, “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man”, and there were some that you wouldn’t recognize from White Eagle. But again terrific cast, great songs, a wonderful evening. And very reasonably priced. So go see it. Five stars.