Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Wednesday, July 17 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

After her boyfriend mysteriously leaves her with little explanation, a doctoral candidate in anthropology at a prestigious East Coast university Sara Quinn is left looking for answers as to what went wrong. Directing all her energies into her anthropological dissertation, Sara conducts a series of interviews with men in an effort to uncover the secret thoughts that drive their behavior. She thinks she can remedy both her heartache and her academic challenges with a new research project and begins conducting a series of interviews with men. As she records the astonishing and disquieting experiences of various subjects, Sara discovers much more about men and herself than she bargained for.


“BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN” is exactly what it says it is. It’s actually a fairly good movie, I suppose, if you’re a woman. If you’re a man, it may make you cringe. It’s got a great cast: Denis O’Hare, Timothy Hutton, Chris Meloni. It’s just a fabulous cast. What happens is a graduate student who’s gotten her heart broken, who’s Julianne Nicholson, decides to interview men. Chris Messina is in it from Julie & Julia, Max Minghella, Will Arnett, Bobby Canavale; I mean, it’s just a great cast, talking about how badly men behave. Dominic Cooper probably steals the show. He’s the guy from both the stage and the movie of History Boys. You can hear, it’s just a great cast about men talking about behaving badly. Four stars.

Joy Meter