Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 


Bolt – DVD Review

Bolt tells the story of a dog who is convinced that his role as a super dog is reality. When he is ripped from his world of fantasy, and action by his own doing. His own obsession with his owner and keeping her protected from the green eyed man of the television show he works on completely absorbs his life. This takes him to the point of no return when he believes that she has been kidnapped, and he accidentally gets packaged and shipped to New York city in pursuit of his owner. This is when the story unfolds, and he goes through a transitional period where he learns that he is as super as every other dog. His disbelief of his abilities being non existent fuels a lot of different emotional changes, and eventually comes to a reality of who he really is. This all culminates when he finds his owner and reunites with her in the action packed climax of the movie.

“Bolt” is one of the animated features that got nominated for an Oscar this year for 2008. I didn’t like it nearly as well as I liked Kung Fu Panda, or the move that won, which is Wall-E. But it has a great cast in terms of voice-overs. John Travolta plays Bolt. Miley Cyrus plays Penny. Malcolm McDowell is Dr. Calico. The story is about a dog who is a movie start who doesn’t understand the difference between fantasy and reality. Hmmm, sound like Hollywood to you? And has to discover the hard way about life and love. Again, it’s a lovely movie for the kids and you’ll enjoy it on DVD but certainly don’t miss Kung Fu Panda. Three stars.

Joy Meter